Veg seedlings are now in stock. With warm weather now approaching, its the perfect time to get veg seedlings on the go. Most can be even grown in pots on a window sill or on the balcony. All of our seedlings are English grown. Our strips of veg contain multiple seedlings for just £2.49. Peas, beans, lettuce,cabbage,beetroot and carrots can be found in strips.  We have an extensive range of single pot Tomatoes for £1.49 each.


Due to high demand last year we have ‘gone long’ on our Dynamite Chili range. This range includes around 15 varieties of chillies suited to all tastes  Some just 500 scoville such as the Trinidad perfume. Described ‘as mild as a service station tea’. Very mild in heat but packs a punch with flavor. But if you are more of a dare devil with your chillies your could try the Habanero Magnum, a whopping 350,000 on the scoville scale. Dynamite Chillies just £3.99



Grafted Veg is also now in!

Why pay more and grow grafted veg?

higher yields. Up to 75% more fruit than your standard plant.

More resistant to soil born diseases

More resistant to pests

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