Ensuring plants are well watered in this hot weather is very important for good health. Although we are not on a hose pipe ban right now, it is likely to happen at some point soon so it is important to make sure that they are as strong and healthy now to cope with lack of water later.

  1. Water the soil, not the plant. Garden plants do not require water on the foliage. In fact this can cause more harm than good. Although rare, leaves can scorch in the sun. Water on the foliage will just evaporate. Direct your hose or watering can at the base of the plant. It is better to give your plants a big soak of water twice a week than little amounts every day.
  2. Do not waste water! Use a saucer where ever possible. A saucer will catch any excess water and the plant will use it when needed. Use water from your water butt before using the tap. Only top up your pond when necessary. It is ok for your pond to drop level as long as it does not dry up. Turn off your water feature. Water will evaporate very quickly from your water feature. Is there really much point in having it on when your are not there to look at it.Use your grey water. Washing up water is fine to use on your pots. Most importantly….Water at the right time. Watering in the evening or the morning is the best time. Doing it then will ensure your plants get the most water with out it just evaporating.
  3. Move pots into a more shaded spot.
  4. Add water retaining gel to pots, hanging baskets and window boxes.
  5. Mulch and top dress. Adding a layer of barks to your borders will help retain moisture. Pots can be top dressed with bark or pebbles.