Yes, now is the time to think about your spring border and patio pots. Spring flowering bulbs such as Alliums, Daffodil and Tulips are now in stock and should be planted as soon as possible but whilst you are there you might as well plant wallflowers to. Wall flowers will be in stock this weekend and should be planted promptly. They will arrive to us as a young plant which has been freshly dug up from fields and placed into bundles of ten plants for just £3.99. Wallflowers are a great joy in the spring. Large colourful blooms which produce a sweet heady scent!

Wallflowers will be available from Friday 3rd October, but it is best to call and order your bunches. (Sorry we can not send wallflowers in the post)

Never tried growing wallflower? this is the year to do it!

They are so easy to grow. When you buy bareroot wallflowers they look rather under whelming. The foliage will look like two-week-old cabbage in your fridge but do not let this put you off. Plant them as soon as you get them and keep them well watered on dry autumn days. They will soon perk up and romp away. A mix of wallflowers and spring bulbs is a very affordable way to fill up borders and pots for the spring. They can even be grown in window boxes if you keep them well watered. They are available in shades of red, orange, yellow, purple and ivory white.