Think you know what Basil tastes and looks like? Think again!!! If you type basil into google images, you will find thousands of pictures of sweet basil. This is the most common form of basil and is what you will find in most supermarkets and recipes. But there is so many more types of basil which are equally as delicious if not more.

How about Thai basil? Slightly spicy in flavour with notes of Anise or Liquorice. Ideal for use in noodles, soups, and salad recipes. The plants themselves have purple stems, purple buds, and purple flowers.

African Blue Basil is a very beautiful plant with aromatic deep green leaves splashed with purple. Striking long flower spikes of bright mauve pink. The plants themselves look fantastic planted into containers on the patio. The flavour is like a classic basil, but the plant is so much prettier. The flowers are favoured by bees also.

Lemon Basil! You can guess what it tastes like. Fantastic when made into pesto or even just tossed through spaghetti with olive oil alone.

We have over 10 different varieties available so try something new!

Small 9cm pots are £1.99 each or 6 for £10 or larger 1ltr pots are £4.49 or 3 for £12