Sweet Peas have the sweetest of scents in the summer months. They are easy to grow, economical to grow and will provide you with cut flowers throughout the summer. Sweet Peas can be grown in the border, in pots and dwarf varieties can be grown in hanging baskets.

Seperate your seedlings and space them out at least 20cm apart. Most Sweet peas will grow to about 2m tall so they will need somethng to climb up. A wigwam can easily be made from bamboo canes, cut tree branches or even a metal obelisk. When your seedlings reach 10cm tall you should pinch out the growing tips to encourange side branching. From May onwards, Feed your Sweetpeas weekly with a good Tomato feed. As your Sweet Peas begin to flower, you should harvest the flowers as often as possible and avoid allowing seed pods to form. This will prolong the flowering season.