Garden Tools and Sundries

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Pots, compost, turf and more.

Sundries and Tools



The Secret Garden can supply everything  for the upkeep of your garden. We have a wide range of garden equipment to suit all pockets. You can find a good range of tools including Drapers’ carbon steel spades and forks with ash handles, hand tools, secateurs, shears, extending tools and more. Our preferred brand of tools is the Wolf-Garten range. It includes multi-change stainless steel tools, secateurs, apple-pickers etc, all of which have the Wolf 10 year guarantee. You will also find hoses, watering cans, twine, slug pellets, feeds, weeds, fungicides, tree ties, soil testing kits, wellies, gloves and much more in our shop.

We can order tools and other gardening supplies should you have a particular requirement, subject to availability.

Pots and Window Boxes

The Secret Garden stocks many different styles of pots such as classic glazed pots, traditional terracotta and plastic. All of our outdoor pots are frost resistant. We have traditional terracotta window boxes as well as oval RHS troughs and plastic. Brackets can be used to hang your troughs on a wall or on a balcony. We now carry a large range of colourful indoor pots for your houseplants.

Soil, compost and mulch products  (Due to on going supply issues relating to Covid-19 and Brexit, please call us in advance to ensure we have the soil you are looking for)

We now stock Melcourt and Bathgate soil products. All Melcourt products are peat free! You can expect to find Multi purpose compost, Organic compost, John innes, Ericaceous compost and seed compost. We also sell growing medium for Houseplants, Cacti and succulents, bonsai, carnivorous plants, Citrus plant and Orchids.

We understand that for many people a 50ltr or even 10ltr bag of soil can be to much to store when living in smaller homes, so we now sell 2 pint cartons of our own mix of soil for house plants and cacti as well as vermiculite, perlite, gravel, grit and sand for just £1.99 and if you bring the carton back for refilling we will give 15% off.

We also sell Bark, Gravel, Grit, Sand, composted bark mulch and manure.