After spending money, time and effort, the last thing you want is squirrels digging up your bulbs. In order to stop the squireels you will need to implement a few tactics.You will need to implement a few different tactics at the same time. If squirrels have been a major problem in the past it would be worth avoiding tulip bulbs and crocus as these seem to be thier favorite snacks. Daffodils, Hyacinths and Alliums seem to be less attractive to them.

stop the squirrels

How to stop the squirrels

Soak your bulbs

Squirrels do not like the taste of Quinin or Garlic. Soak your bulbs over night in either Indian Tonic water (Check the labe to ensure that it contains Quinin and not just flavourings) Or soak your bulbs in a garlic water solution. This will help stop the squirrel eating your bulbs. Many recipees for garlic wash can be found online. Here is a recipee –

Wire mesh to stop the squirrels

Placing panels of wire mesh or chicken wire over planted bulb beds adding weight to hold it down, with bricks or pots. For patio pots and containers, cut the mesh to size and pin down with wire. Once the bulbs start to appear the mesh can be removed. This is probably the best way to completely stop the squirrels.

Stop the sqirrels with mesh

Chilli powder to stop the squirrels

Squirrels hate chilli. Juust like us they have taste buds and chilli can make them uncompfortable. Sprinkle hot chilli powder and or chilli flakes around your bed and pots. You can also mix the chilli powder with water in a watering can and spray over and area for easy application. You may find premixed solutions of chilli pest deterant online or in your local hardware shop. Chilli powder will make them uncompfortable but will not hurt them.

Stop the squirrels with chilli powers

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