We have a great selection of soft fruit in stock which can all be planted now. Growing your own fruit is easier than you would think and can be much more economical. For instance a 150g punnet of Red currants will cost you £2.25 or £15 per kg in Sainsburys right now. But if you were to buy a redcurrant bush, you could expect a yeald up to 5kg of fruit per year for just the initial cost of the bush (£13.99)

Rhubarb £6.99 each


Rhubarb is ideal for planting in a bright spot in the garden but will also take a little shade. Dig well rotted manure into the planting hole and make sure you give it plenty of space to grow. Keep well watered in hot summers and remove any flower stems as they appear. To harvest the stems simply twist the stem and pull it from the base. Do not cut it off. Rhubarb is very low maintenance and requires little attention most of the year. We do recommend not harvesting rhubarb in its first year of growth so that the plant has a chance to develop a good root system. After this first year you will find your rhubarb will produce masses of fruit for about 10 years. We currently have Rhubarb Glaskins perpetual and Victoria in stock for just £6.99 each.


Red currants, White currants and Black currants are all available.Not only do these fruit bushes look attractive in a garden but they will also provide you with masses of tasty fruit. Best grow in well drained but fertile soil either in the border, raised bed or good sized pot. Top dress with manure or compost a few times a year to keep them well fed. They crop best in full sun but will take some shade. The hardest part of growing currants is keeping them moist. That is it! Just £13.99 each


Not only are Blueberries highly nutritcous and tasty but they are also a very attractive shrub. They can be grown in a pot or in the ground in a bright spot. Plant into Ericaceous soil and feed monthly in the growing season with an ericaeous feed. Green glossy leaves from spring and into the summer. Bell like white flowers (similar to Peiris) followed by tasty fruit. Great autumn foliage colour. From just £14.99 each


Although we may not be able to grow the same quantity and the same variety of figs like they do in the med, we can still grow figs. Brown Turkey is a good hardy variety, which can thrive in the British climate. Best grown in a pot against a south facing wall or fence in well drained soil. Small fruits will appear in the spring and ripen in late summer. Fruits can also appear in the autumn and will ripen the following spring. Protection is not usually needed in the sunny sheltered gardens of Crystal palace. From £16.99 each

What else is in stock?

Raspeberries from £8.99 each

Physalis Peruviana £6.99

Jostaberries £13.99 each

Juneberries £13.99

Thornless blackberries £13.99 each