Christmas has most definitely arrived at The Secret Garden Centre!

Spruce Christmas trees from Kent start at just £21.50 and Non-drop Nordman firs from Ireland start at £28. Our trees are sustainably grown and are accredited by the British Christmas tree growers association. Fancy growing your own tree? Pot grown trees available from just £10.99 each. Not sure how to get your tree home? No worries. Local delivery £6.

The shop is full of festive charm too. Possibly the best selection of Christmas decorations in Crystal palace. With a wide choice of Baubles, Garlands, lights and even bells we can guarantee you tree will look fab. A great choice of wreaths too. The girls in the shop are busy hand decorating wreaths with cones, lotus, cinnamon and much more. Plain wreaths start at £14.99 and the largest most decorated wreaths around £30.

Christmas tree foliage, Ilex berries, Holly wreaths and mistletoe will all be available soon.

Hyacinth gift baskets, Poinsettias, and Amaryllis will all be available from the 1st of December. We also still have a great selection of houseplants in stock which make great gifts.

Don’t forget to bring your letters to post to Santa! His post box can be found in the shop.