Choosing the perfect tree is a very important part of our Christmas preparations. It signifies the start of the festive month and gets the whole family into the Christmas spirit. Choosing a tree which is perfect for your family and your home can be a daunting task. Following a few key rules will make your choice much easier.


  1. LOCATION  Before even looking at a tree you should decide on where the tree is going to live for the next few weeks in the home. The area should be as far away from a heat source as possible. Radiators and fires will dry out your tree very fast and could post a fire hazard. You will also need access to a plug socket for your fairy lights. If there is no plug socket close you will need an extension lead. Now you will need to measure the area. When looking at the trees in the garden centre it is easy to over or under estimate your space. You will need to take into consideration that once your tree is on a stand it may increase in height and make sure you have space for your star or angel.
  2. PREP YOUR CAR   (or decided which days would be good to have it delivered)    If you are collecting your tree in a car, I would recommend ensuring you have some old towels or plastic sheeting in the boot. Your tree will probably be a bit damp and may have some left over straw from the field. If it is going on the roof rack do not forget to bring some rope to attached the tree. We have a limited supply of spare rope.
  3. BUY YOUR TREE  It is important to consider where is best to buy your tree. Many ‘Pop up’ Christmas tree stalls arrive at this time of year. Who are these people? Where did they come from? Where did they get their trees? We often question where our food comes from so i think its also important to question where our Christmas trees come from too! Approximately 60 million trees are grown in Europe every year. Why would i chose home grown grown trees? The trees are fresher and will last longer in your home. Our Spruce trees come from Merrywood farm in Kent, Non-Drops from Emerald farm in Ireland and potted trees from Newlands Christmas tree farm in Seven Oaks. All these farms are sustainable growers. Getting our trees from farms as close as possible ensures that our customers get the very best and freshest trees. Rather than trees which have been cut and stored on pallets up to 8 weeks prior to the customer bring them in the home. Spruce trees are the traditional Christmas tree. They tend to have more of a scent and have a good shape. They cost less than a non drop tree as they grow quickly but they are more likely to drop there needles. Non- drop trees such as Nordman firs and Noble firs have become more popular in recent years as they are less likely to drop thier needles. They are a much slower growing tree which puts their price up. Pot grown trees are a good option for people who would like to keep growing their tree through out the year. Many places sell potted trees which have been dug up from a field and stuffed into a pot. We do not recommend buying these as they are not likely to survive this trauma. Our pot grown trees are grown from seed in their pots from the start!  Keep it local! Buy from the people you know and trust.
  4. LOOK AFTER YOUR TREE  Now you have chosen your tree and got it home what next? Bring the tree in the house the day before you are ready to decorate it this will allow the foliage to relax out. If you are not going to decorate it straight away it is a good idea to keep in a bucket of water in a cool place or even in garden if possible. Remember you Christmas tree is just a ‘Large cut flower’. You must keep them watered at all times.