This is the time of the year where you will find an abundance of Salvia varieties available at the Secret Garden Centre.

The Salvia genus is huge and consists of around 900 species (We do not stock all 900 but we still stock a lot). Salvias come in most colours and have many different forms. From the large and deep coloured Salvia ‘Amistad’ to the fragrant and tasty Salvia ‘Officinalis’ aka the common sage herb. All Salvias grow best in full sun with well drained soil. Perennial varieties should be thickly mulched over in the autumn with either compost or well rotted manure. Most are ideal for growing in containers or in the ground and they are all great for attracting bees and butterflies. Varieties such as ‘gregii’ and ‘amistad’ will flower from early summer well into late autumn.