Spring flowering bulbs and bare root Wallflowers are now in stock! Got a large border to plant but not much of a budget? Not a problem. Planting spring flowering bulbs and wallflowers is possibly the most affordable way to fill a border. Not only will it look pretty but it will be sweetly scented and great for wildlife too.

We have 7 different varieties of bare root wallflowers in stock. They come in a pack of 10 for just £3.49. Easy to plant and easy to grow. All you need to do is put them in a bucket of water over night to have a good drink and then plant them the following day. Keep them moist over the autumn and winter and you will be amazed at the deliciously scented blooms around April. Inter-plant wallflowers with tulips or daffodils for an even more impressive display. Wallflowers and bulbs can also be planted in pots and window boxes.

The sight of pure white snowdrops in January is the first sign of the end of winter. They scream ‘spring sunshine is soon on its way’. Soon after, other bulbs such as daffodils and crocus give a splash of colour to the garden when little else is flowering. It is easy to forget the gloomy weather of January and February when the weather is so delightful now. But now is the time to think about it and prepare. We have over 100 different varieties of tulips, daffodils, alliums, crocus and much more.

Bulbs are great for adding colour and filling gaps in borders or pots. Spring flowering bulbs have to be the easiest of plants to grow and make for the ideal project to do with children. Bulbs are great for wildlife too. Bees, butterflies, moths and hover flies all benefit from these early flowering plants.Most spring flowering bulbs need to be planted between September and November to produce the best display. This gives them plenty of time to re-hydrate and put on lots of root growth to support masses of flowers in the spring.

Some of our favorites this year are Allium ‘Mohican’, Scilla ‘Blue arrow’, daffodil ‘yellow ocean’ and Bulb of the year Crocus ‘Prince Claus’.

The basics of growing bulbs:

Plant them at the right time of year! It is easy to forget about planting bulbs in the autumn but it really does make a difference in how well they grow.

Plant them at the right depth! As a basic rule of thumb, most bulbs should be planted 3 times the depth of the bulb. There are some exceptions to this so it is important to read the information on the packet.

Plant them in the right place! Just like all other plants it is important to plant bulbs in the right situation. some like the sun and others like shade so do check the packets. Bulbs do not like to grow in water logged soil. Make sure your soil drains well or add some grit to the planting hole.

Now leave them be! Before you know it the worst of the winter will have passed and your snow drops will be poking their heads out of the soil heralding the coming of spring!

Bulbs are great for attracting wildlife to the garden especially bee and butterflies. So this year we encourage planting varieties which do this very well. To make it easy for you we have packs of mixed bulbs aimed at wildlife. These packs also make a lovely gift for friends and family.

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