Take some of the stress out of Christmas by pre-ordering your Christmas tree now!

We expect that Christmas trees will be arriving to the garden centre by the last week of November. This year you can expect us to have a good selection of pot grown trees (roots intact and alive), traditional Spruce, non-drop Nordman firs and non-drop Fraser firs. Unfortunately, we will not be having Noble firs as the hot summers over the past few years have made them rather difficult to grow.
Ordering your tree is easy! Either pop into the garden centre to place your order or just give us a call on 020 8771 8200. You can even book in your delivery at the same time. Local delivery is £10 and any postcodes which are within the ULEZ zone will incur and extra charge.

A white Christmas?

Christmas trees are perishable items. We get small but regular deliveries of trees to ensure you are getting the freshest product possible. When your tree has been chosen at the garden centre we will wrap you tree in netting to make it easy to get it to your home. We will then give a fresh cut to the bottom of the trunk to ensure it will suck up water. We recommend placing your tree in a cool spot and leaing it in a bucket of water until you are ready to erect it. In a shed, cold conservatory, garage or on a balcony is ideal. Ensure that you have a stand for your tree which allows you to keep it well watered.

All of our trees come from sustainable farms. Christmas trees are grown as a crop and more tres are planted on the farms each year than are harvested!

Traditional Spruce

  • 4ft £21.50
  • 5ft £29
  • 6ft £36
  • 7ft £43
  • 8ft £52
  • 9ft £72

Our Spruce trees come from Kent and grown on a sustainable tree farm and have more of a traditional scent. They are fast growing and produce most of their oxygen in the first years of life so cutting them down and replanting more is GOOD for the environment. These trees have had a bad reputation in the past for dropping their needles. But they will last very well if you keep them away from a radiator and keep them well watered (Just like a bouquet of flowers). The fresher the tree is when you buy it also plays a part. We will receive regular deliveries of spruce and we keep them out side which will prolong their freshness. We recommend buying your tree, taking it home, put it in a bucket of water, unwrap it and leave it in a cool place until you are ready to put it up. In the garden, garage or shed is ideal.

Non-Drop Nordman Firs

  • 3-4ft £29
  • 4-5ft £39
  • 5-6ft £49
  • 6-7ft £59
  • 7-8ft £79
  • 8-9ft £109

Our Nordman fir trees are from Ireland. Nordmans are a slower growing tree which have longer and softer pine needles. They tend to have a more glossy appearance. They can cope much better with hotter rooms and under-floor heating. You must still keep them very well watered to keep them looking good. Failing to do so will cause some minor droppage, a dull appearance to needles and curling of branches. We recommend buying your tree, taking it home, put it in a bucket of water, unwrap it and leave it in a cool place until you are ready to put it up. In the garden, garage or shed is ideal.

Non-drop Fraser Firs

It has been hard to stock Fraser firs in the past at the garden centre but we have managed to secure some for the year. Fraser Fir is a narrow pyramid shaped tree with flat, shiny deep green needles. The foliage is more dense than the nordman and is quite soft. The Fraser Fir is a narrow tree making it ideal where space is at a premium, and often has a wonderful Christmassy scent.
The Fraser Fir is quite an aggresive growing tree,so, just as we go to the hairdresser regularly, the sides of the trees have to be shorn every year. This does leave ‘cut’ marks on some branches but this is a good choice of tree for a small space.

5-6ft £49    6-7ft £59