Pond plants & care


Plants give a lot of interest to a pond as well as encouraging wildlife to the garden. Its important to choose the right plants for your pond to create the perfect habitat for native wildlife.

Plants such as pygmy water lilies, ranuculus flammula, arum lilies and water forget me nots are ideal for small ponds but you should find many others to suit your pond in our pond plant area. It is also important to add oxygenating plants to your pond to help keep the water clear. Our preferred oxygenating plant is Elodea crispa. We also stock plants which will float on the surface of the water such as water hyacinths and water lettuces which are great for damson flies and hover flies.

Everything you need to build and maintain your pond can be found at the Secret Garden from pond liners and pumps, aquatic soil and netted pots, Barley straw and water treatments.

If you are considering building a pond and need some advice, pop in and speak to us; we will be happy to help.