Ever thought of growing houseplants seeds & corms? It is a fun and a low-cost way to expand your houseplant collection. We now have a selection of Houseplant seeds & corms for you to start growing.

Houseplant seeds & corms available now

Houseplant seeds & corms

Colocasia coco also known as Elephants ears or Taro, grow from a large corm. £8.99 per corm. They can be grown in the garden as part of a tropical design, but they will need to be kept in the house during the winter months. Alternatively grow in a pot in the house all year long. Place your corm in a 25cm pot in houseplant compost. The corm should be planted a few centimetres below the surface of the soil. Keep moist and in a bright spot. They will grow to around 1.2m tall.

Oxalis Triangularis also known as purple shamrock or the butterfly plant. Oxalis grow from small thin corms which are shaped like narrow pinecones. They should be placed vertically in a pot of houseplant compost. Spaced 3 – 4 cm apart and about 1cm below the soil surface. Grow in a bright or slightly shaded spot and keep moist. They can be grown in the house and will stay in leaf all year long if kept above 15c. Or they can be grown as a garden perennial, but they will die back for the winter months. Just £3.99 for a pack of 5 corms.

Houseplant seeds such as Asparagus fern, weeping fig, Living stones, Parlour palm, Cacti and more are now available in the shop. All these seeds can be grown in the home at any time of the year in a pot of houseplant compost. From just £2.49 per pack.

You can also grow a lovely houseplant from an Avacado seed! Just place it on top of a jar or water and wait for it to shoot. Here is how – https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/gardening/a26064095/how-to-grow-avocado-tree/

Growing veg from seed – https://www.thesecretgardencentre.co.uk/seed-sowing-season/

How to germinate seeds – https://www.masterclass.com/articles/how-to-germinate-seeds-explained