House Plants

House plants can really change the feel of the home. We always have a good range of house plants to suit all homes and many of which are very low maintenance. With deliveries of house plants arriving almost weekly you can be sure to find exactly what you want.

The right house plant in the right place

The key is to find the right house plant for the place in you home. Ferns naturally thrive in shade and damp woodland, so placing a fern on a sunny and warm window sill will not work.

A house plant for a south facing window sill

Cacti such as Cereus, Mammillaria or Notocactus. Succulents such as Money plants, Echivera, Aloe vera, Zamioculcus or Mother in laws tongue. Larger house plants like Yuccas and Dragon trees will work well.

A house plant for a bright spot with indirect light

Hoya bella, Orchids, Peace lilies, Fittonias, Epimediums, Spider plants, Bromeliads and Ceripegia will work well in indirect light.

A house plant for a shady spot

Ferns, Spider plants, Peace lilies, Fittonias, Areca palms, Epimediums and Philodendrons are perfect in a shaded spot.

House plant care

We recommend misting your house plant regularly with water. Our homes tend to have very drying air especially in the colder months when we are using central heating. Many house plants are native to quite humid countries. Feeding house plants every 2 – 4 weeks in the growing season will encourage strong and healthy growth as well as encouraging flowers. Most house plants will require re-potting every 2 years and is best done in the spring. Watering varies from plant to plant. Some may require being kept moist ware as others prefer a good soak of water weekly. Please ask a member of staff for advice on specific plant care and watering routines.

We stock a good range of products to keep your house plants happy. House plant compost, Orchid compost, Fertilzers, Pots, supports and pesticides.

If we do not have a plant in stock which you are looking for, we may be able to order it in for you.

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