What houseplants to buy? Whether you are looking for a snake plant, cactus, peace lily or fiddle leaf fig, we are sure to have an indoor plant to suit your home and experience level. Houseplants really do make a house a home and are proven to be good for your physical and mental health.

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The right Houseplant in the right place

The key to success with indoor plants is to find the right house plant for the place in your home. Many people will ask us for the perfect houseplant for their bathroom. We naturally think of bathrooms as a wet place in the home. This is not the case. Bathrooms are only wet for the short amount of time we are using them. So, the questions we ask are: How much natural light is there in the bathroom? Think about is there a window or sky light, if so how much? Is it sunny in the morning and then shady in the afternoon? Once we figure out the light levels, we can recommend the right plants for the space. It is also worth looking at where a houseplant would naturally grow in the wild. Cacti and succulents grow in dry arid places so you will need to find a place in your home to replicate this. Snake plant, Cacti, Peace lily and fiddle leaf figs are all easy to care for plants.

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What houseplant to buy for a sunny spot?

Indoor plants which store water in their leaves are generally from hot arid places which make them perfect for growing on a south facing windowsill, hot conservatory or porch. Plants such as Sanservieria thrive in this type of location. Sansierveria aka Snake plant is very versatile plants they can be grown in full sun or in a shady spot unlike other succulent plants. Sanservera benefit from being watered at the base of the pot once every two weeks. Ensure that your houseplant never sit in water for an extended period. Sansevieria were once mentioned in a study by NASA for their ability to increase oxygen levels in a sealed room. Other Houseplants which thrive in full sun include Jade plant (Crassula ovata), ZZ plant (Zamioculcus), Cacti, Echivera, Codeium (Joseph’s coat), Senecio cephalophorus, Seneccio rowleyanus (string of pearls) and Yucca gigantea.

What houseplant to buy for a bright spot with indirect light?

Most leafy houseplants tend to come from the rainforest. They grow either on the forest floor or the branches of the trees. They are used to bright light which is defused by the tree canopy. The rainforest is a very humid place so these plants like most moisture around their leaves. Our homes have very dry air especially when we are using our central heating. It is important to counteract this by misting the foliage around the plants regularly or using a humidifier. Some plants such as Monstera deliciosa and Epipremiums grow on the forest floor and will climb up tree trucks. In the home they will still try to do this so you will need to provide them with something to climb up. An old tree branch or a moss pole is ideal. Most of these plants will need watering once per week. Here are some Indoor plants which thrive in a bright, indirect light: Spathiphyllum (Peace lily), Monstera deliciosa, Ficus lyrata, Kentia palm, Areca palm, Schefflera (Umbrella tree), Fatsia ‘Spiders web’, Anthirium, Aspidistra, Fittonias, Orchids, Epipremum, Schismatoglottis Wallichii Philodendrons, and Philodendrons.

What houseplant to buy for a shaded spot?

These houseplants naturally grow on the forest floor in the darkest area. These plants are suited to basement flat homes or north facing windows. Although they cope well with the shade, they still require a source of natural light. If you have no windows in a room, we recommend investing in an artificial U.V light. Indoor plants which thrive with lower light levels are Chamadora palms, Calathea, Cholophytum (Spider plants), Fatsia, Asparagus ferns, Boston ferns, Philodendrons, Aspidistra (Cast iron plant) and Spathiphyllum (Peace lily).

Houseplant care and Indoor plant pots

We stock everything you need to keep your houseplants in good condition. You will find a range of Houseplant fertilisers, pesticides, re-potting compost, orchid care products, pots for repotting, moss poles and much more. We always have a good selection of decorative pots to show off your houseplants. They are available in plastic, terracotta, metal, baskets and ceramic and all come in a range of styles and colours to suit all home decor.

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