Soil & Sundries

soil & sundries


Soil & Sundries are the things you need to build you garden and maintain it. We have a wide range of Soil & Sundries to suit your garden needs.

Soil & Sundries

We aim to stock as much peat free soil products as possible. Supply can be very limited, we sometimes have to substitute peat free products for non peat free products which are more readily available. We hope that supply of peat free products becomes more steadily available and consistently supplied.

Soil for sale:

Our preferred Brand of compost and soil products are Melcourt. All of Melcourt products are peat free featuring Sylva grow multipurpose compost at its heart. This range is RHS endorsed and includes Soil Association approved Organic Compost. You can expect to find Multi purpose compost, Organic compost, John innes, and ericaceous. As well as Farmyard, composted bark mulch, pine bark chippings, Chunky bark, Horticultural gravels, grit and sand. *When Melcourt products are unavailable we may have to substitute for other brands until Melcourt is back in stock.*

We understand that for many people a 50ltr bag of soil & sundries can be to much to store. We now sell 2 pint cartons of our own mix of soil for house plants and cacti. Also vermiculite, perlite, gravel, grit and sand for just £1.99.

We also sell Soil & Sundries for Houseplants, Cacti and succulents, and Orchids. Check out our Houseplant page for soil and sundries for houseplants –

Follow the link for more information on Melcourt products –

soil compost Ericaceous

Visit the national trust page to understand why going peat free is so important –


You can find a range of tools including Drapers’ carbon steel spades and forks with ash handles, hand tools, secateurs, shears, extending tools and more. Our preferred brand of tools is the Wolf-Garten range. It includes multi-change stainless steel tools, secateurs, apple-pickers etc. You will also find hoses, watering cans, twine, slug pellets, feeds, weeds, fungicides, soil testing kits, wellies, gloves and much more in our shop.


The Secret Garden stocks many different styles of pots such as classic glazed pots, traditional terracotta and plastic. All of our outdoor pots are frost resistant. We have traditional terracotta window boxes as well as oval RHS troughs and plastic. Brackets can be used to hang your troughs on a wall or on a balcony. We now carry a large range of colourful indoor pots for your houseplants.

Other Sundries

Fertilisers: We stock an extensive selection of organic and non organic fertilsers. They come in either a granulated or liquid form. Fertilisers such as Tomato fertiliser, , Bonemeal, Growmore, Ericaceous, Epsom salts, Sulphate of ammonia, Lawn feed, Houseplant feed, Citrus feed and much more.

Pesticides: We advise avoiding using pesticides whenever possible. In some cases nothing else will save a plant. In this case we have a choice of organic and non organic pesticides. Please ensure you bring a photo or a cutting within a zip lock bag for us to properly identify the pest. We will then recommend a treatment. When applying pesticides outdoors, please spray in the evening when bees and pollinators are less likely to be around. Also try to apply the pesticide on a day with no wind.

Weedkillers: Please avoid using weedkillers whenever possible. Annual weeds can easily be removed by hand or with a hoe. Deeper rooted weeds such as brambles can often be dug up with a garden fork. When you have no other option, weedkillers can be the way to go. We sell a selection of weedkiller to target weeds as well as products to remove tree stumps and weedkillers for the lawn.

Animal repellents: Slugs and snails: We sell a vast selection of products to deter or kill slugs and snails such as slug barrier granules, copper tape and slug pellets.  As of March 2022, it is illegal to sell and use slug pellets containing the Mataldahide in the ingredients. As matalahide can kill other wildlife. We now sell a range of Organic slug pellets which contain Ferric Phosphates or iron phosphate.

Cats, Dogs and foxes: Catapult, Get off, Silent roar, Scoot and other animal repellants can be found in the shop. We also stock a small range of ant killer and mouse traps.

Bird food and feeders: The secret garden carries a selection of bird food and feeders to attract the local birdlife to your garden. Different birds will be attracted to different foods and feeders. Why do check out the RSPB to see where to start. –

We typical sell a range of mixed seeds, single variety seeds, dried meal worms and suet foods. As for feeders, we stock feeders by the Nuttery which are the best for stopping squirrels from eating all your seeds. We also sell a more affordable and basic selection.

Trellis: Trellis is a necessity for giving clematis, jasmine and other climbing plants good support. Our trellis is of high quality pressure treated wood and will last many seasons. You will find a selection of trellis panels from 6ft tall by 1ft wide up to 6ft tall and 3ft wide. The panels will come with different aperture sizes and in either square or diamond. We also sell expanding trellis.

Firewood and coal: Firewood, Coal and Kindling: The secret garden stocks Kiln dried hardwood, Softwood, Kindling, Smokeless coal, bbq coal and firelighters.

If you can not find the compost & sundries  you are looking for at The Secret Garden, feel free to ask us. We may be able to order it in!

Need Compost & Sundries delivered? Call us today to arrange a local delivery (Dependant on your postcode) 020 8771 8200