Grow Your Own Veg and Fruit

Grow your own fruit and veg because not only do they taste better they are also better for you. The rising prices in supermarkets has resulted in more and more people seeking to grow their own.

Grow your own veg and fruits. Red Currants

Red currant fruit bushes

Seeed potatoes, onion sets and shallots are in stock NOW!

Grow Your Own Veg

Grow your own veg by seed from February or buy seedlings in late spring. Veg plants such as beans, peas, courgettes, and tomatoes are all a good starting point for the novice grower because they are easy to grow. Seeds by Franchi and Suttons are always in stock but the fullest range is available from January to March. If you do not have space to grow seedlings, then skip this step and buying them from March. Vegetables can be grown in the smallest of spaces. Tumbling tomatoes, salads and herbs can even be grown in window boxes or pots on the balcony.

Grow Your Own Fruit

Fruit bushes can be found in our soft fruit section of the garden centre. Fruit trees are available for most of the year, but the tree section is at its best in October. Most fruit trees such as apples and cherries can provide beautiful spring blossom as well as fruit therefore making them a good tree for seasonal interest. We have fruit trees to suit every garden, including dwarf which are ideal for small gardens. We sell everything you need to give your fruit the best start. Compost, Fertilisers, and tree supports are always in stock.

Grow Your Own Herbs

Herbs are a great addition to every garden because many are evergreen and can add structure to a border. They can grow in pots and even on a windowsill. Most of our herbs are English grown and available all year round. We stock chives, fennel, marjoram, mint, oregano, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, and some more unusual and interesting herbs such as Vietnamese coriander, lovage and angelica. If you are planting your herbs into a pot or window box, you can also plant salad leaves and edible flowers with them such as violas.

Violas can be found with the bedding plants –


Not sure where to start to grow your own? Check out these easy to grow veg on gardeners world –