With the poor weather we have been having many fences have been damaged or blown down. How about replacing your fence with a hedge. Over the years many of us up rooted our hedges and replaced them with fences to go for an instant clean look but we forgot the impact  it would have our our gardens.  The major benefits of having a hedge includes providing food and nesting material for bird and pollinators, homes and open routes for Hedgehog, wind barriers, screening from neighbors and a good way of absorbing excess water.

We have a good selection of evergreen shrubs which will make great hedging such as Privet, Red robin, Bamboo and Laurel.

Many people over the last couple of years have also lost their buxus balls and low hedges due to disease or moths. We now have lots of Ilex crenata and Taxus baccata which will make a good replacement. They are much more disease and pest resistant.

Prunus Rotundifolia

£10.99 each

3 for £30

Ideal for replacing fences or creating screening.

Ilex crenata & Taxus becatta

£2.99 each


Buy 5 get the 6th FREE

Ideal for replacing low buxus hedges or creating topiary.