We have lots in stock to get your garden producing fruit and veg this year. Whether you have a large garden, allotment or just a balcony we have something for you to grow and eat! Seeds are in stock so its time to start sowing veg such as tomatoes and cucumbers. Seed potatoes, Garlic, Shallots, Onions and Jeruselem artichokes are ready for planting from as little as £1.99 per pack. We also have Mushroom growing kits which are great for growing indoors and make a great gift. A fresh delivery of Fruit bushes and trees have arrives and can all be planted now. A small selection of veg seedling will arrive next week and can be planted immediately. Despite the poor weather, Brassicas and some pea and bean varieties can be planted.  We now have a great range of Citrus trees including Lemons, Oranges and even Lime trees.We now also have a small selection of vegetable seedlings such as Broad bean, Cabbages and Broccoli. A large range will be available when the weather improves.


Strawberry Plants £1.99 EACH OR 6 FOR £10



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