Summer flowering Bulbs, Tubers & Bare root plants have arrived at last. Just a hint of what summer 2023 could be. It is a little early to plant them but perfect time to plan and buy. Buying plants as Bulbs, Tubers & bare root is much more cost effective.

We have a great selection of tropical looking Dahlias Tubers, Gladioli Bulbs, Begonias, Lilies and much more.


Boxed Bare root perennials £13.99 contains a minimum of 5 bare root plants of various varieties.


Dahlia Tubers

Dahlia Tubers

Dahlia Tubers

Cacti Dahlia: Cactus dahlias have double blooms, with very narrow petals from the tip to the base, that often curve inwards. Cacti dahlia range in size from miniature to giant. Semi-cactus dahlias have fully double, fluffy-looking flowers. Varieties such as Black cat, Firebird, Hollyhill Spider woman, Wittman’s Best, Orange turmoil, My love and Tahiti sunrise are available.

Dinnerplate Dahlias: The blooms of Dinnerplate dahlias can reach a whopping 8 inches in diameter. Dinnerplate dahlias grow well in large pots or at the back of a border. They are a real talking piece in the garden. Varieties available: Summer sunset, Nick sr, Dazzling sun, Thomas A Edison, Akita, Big wow and Fleurel.

Dark leaf Dahlias: Dark leaf Dahlias have intensely dark leaves, almost black in colour which provides the perfect contrast and back drop to their dramatic flowers. The flowers are almost always single flowers which are stunningly bright in colour. Dark leaf dahlias available: Fascination, Pulp fiction, Sunshine, Wishes n Dreams, Neon Flare, HS First love and Dahlegria Tricolore.

Giant ball and Pom pom Dahlias: These dahlias all produce sysmetrically round blooms with a tight and neat petals. They are born on top of very sturdy stems and all blooms tend to grow to an even height. We have Babette, Boom Boom white, Ilse, Sylvia, Viking, Little Robert and Kassagi.

Lily Bulbs

Lily Bulbs

Lilies Bulbs

Oriental Lilies: Oriental lilies tend to have large, scented, outward-facing facing flowers. They grow well in most soils but are their best when grown in acidic, or ericaceous soil. Hotline, Entertainer and Hocus Pocus in stock.

Other Lilies: Lilium ‘Zeba’ which is a Nepalense and Oriental lily hybrid. The large petals are cream / Ivory in colour with deep maroon in the centre. ‘Red Twin’ which is an Asiatic double flowering lily. ‘Lady Alice’ is a strikingly beautiful Tiger lily. It has reflexed petals in shades of cream to orange with small dark spots. ‘Must see’ is exactly what you should do with this lily. It has large double flowers which change from cream to bright orange. Truly stunning.

Gadioli Bulbs

Gadioli Bulbs

Gladiolus Bulbs

Large flowering Gladiolus: ‘Pricilla’, Gold rush, Ginea, White prosperity, Jester,Purple flora and Oscar are in stock. These Gladis will grow to an impressive 4/5ft tall and have very large blooms. Bright and bold colours with very sturdy stems. They really do make a statement.


Double flower Begonia: ‘Picotee Sunburst’ and Boutan Rouge’  are beautiful double flowered begonias with bi-coloured blooms. Ideal for growing in patio pots, window boxes and hanging baskets.

Dinnerplate Begonias: Dinnerplate Begonias have huge, showy blooms which are as big as the palm of your hand. Red and white in stock. Great for growing in tubs or at the front of the border.

Pendula Begonias: Pendula begonias have flowers which hang down and trail. They are ideal for growing in window boxes and hanging baskets. They are self cleaning so no dead heading needed. They also grow well in the shade.


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