Spring has sprung at the Secret Garden centre. As the days and nights warm up more and more plants are becoming available and spring flowers are now starting to bloom. Now is the perfect time to inject some colour into pots, window boxes and the border.

Vegetable seedling have started to arrive but you will need keep them protected from frost and cold nights. We would recommend waiting a couple of weeks for things like Tomatoes, Chillis and Couregettes. The safest things to plant now are peas, Beans and leaf veg like cabbages and kale.

Violas, Primula, Euryops and Aubretia are looking fantastic and are ideal for planting in pots, window boxes and hanging baskets.

Forsythias are looking fab!. They truly are the first sign of the garden awakening for spring. Their glorious golden blooms are ideal for providing food for awakening honey bees and other pollinators. This hardy shrub can be grown as a single plant or you can grow them as a hedge. The make great screening plants and grow well in most situations. Great for full sun or part shade in any soil type as long as they do not get water logged. Cut stems make a lovely display for Easter in the home.