Bulb season is here! Now is the prefect time to plan what bulbs you are going to plant in the autumn for a great display in the spring. Why not take the oppertunity to plant bulbs which will encourage and benefit the wildlife in your garden? Early flowering varieties of bulbs are a great source of food for early emerging bees and pollinators. Bulbs such as Galanthus Nivalis, Narcissus ‘Rijnvelds early sensation and Crocus will flower from January and provide lots of nectar. Alliums flower much later [May onwards] but will provide food forButterflies. Growing a good mix of bulbs which will ensure continuous blooms from January into June is the best way to encourage pollinators.

Another way to encourage the wildlife in the garden is to provide a good place for wild life to hibinate over the winter or nest in the spring. We have a new selection of Bug hotels and Bird boxes in stock.