The weather for the next few weeks looks promising. Get your barbeques cleaned, a fresh Calor gas bottle ready and prepare for a glorious summer! The Secret Garden centre is well stocked to ensure you have everything you need to create a beautiful out door space. Colourful bedding plants such as Cosmos, Begonias, Geraniums and Lobelia are now arriving weekly but get them as soon as you can as the growers may run out at this rate. Vegetable seedling are selling thick and fast. Now is the perfect time to get your lettuces into pots, borders or even window boxes. There is no need to buy lettuce from the supermarkets during the summer months when they are so easy and inexpensive to grow your self! We now have some fire pits in stock which are ideal for the slightly chillier evenings. Big and beautiful hanging baskets are now in stock but if you have an empty basket from last year, you can bring it in for us to plant up and come an collect it later in the week. We can not keep up with the Herb section at the moment. Fresh deliveries are arriving weekly. But lets not forget your lovely houseplants. If you have not had the time to re-pot them, there is still time! We have everything in the shop that you will need.